This is a list of Washington DC birth records online and includes DC church records, DC vital records, and DC birth indexes.

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DC Marriage and Divorce Records online

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Washington DC Birth Records online at the federal level

US – United States Births and Christenings, 1867-1931, index, at FS

US – United States, Native American Birth and Death Records, 1885-1940, index & images, at FS




Washington DC Birth Records online at the district level

DC – District of Columbia Births and Christenings, 1830-1955, index, at FS

DC – District of Columbia Birth Returns, 1874-1897, images, at FS

DC – Birth records, (Washington, District of Columbia), 1874-1897; indexes, 1874-1897, at FS

DC – Concordia Lutheran Evangelical Church records, 1833-1944, at FS

DC – Eastern Presbyterian Church records, 1875-1955, at FS

DC – Eckington Presbyterian Church records, 1896-1900, at FS

DC – Genealogical collection, ca. 1700-1900 [Daughters of the American Revolution (District of Columbia)], at FS

DC – Georgetown Presbyterian Church records, 1863-1932 (aka Bridge Street PC, West Street PC), at FS

DC – Guardianship case index (District of Columbia), 1801-1997, at FS

DC – Inventory of church archives in the District of Columbia : The Protestant Episcopal Church, Diocese of Washington, at FS

DC – Metropolitan Presbyterian & Capitol Hill Church records, 1864-1954, at FS

DC – Miscellaneous Bible and cemetery records, at FS

DC – Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church Records, 1856-1928, at FS

DC – Union Methodist Episcopal Church records, 1860-1883, at FS

DC – Western Presbyterian Church records, 1854-1897, at FS






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