The West Jersey History Project promotes and publishes historical research about West Jersey. They have digitized books, maps, land records, histories, photos and more for West Jersey.

West Jersey is also known historically as South Jersey, one of two orginal colonies in New Jersey which includes these present day counties: Cape May, Cumberland, Atlantic, Salem, Gloucester, Camden, Burlington, and parts of Mercer, Hunterdon, and Warren.



Residence records census land migration voting taxation #OnGenealogy

Residence Records


Land & Property

New Jersey – NJA Volume 21 Calendar of Records 1664-1703 – a collection of summaries of almost all of the earliest Deeds and Surveys recorded in colonial New Jersey.

New Jersey – Some New Jersey Coastal Survey Maps from around 1839 to 1848

West Jersey – Surveys at West Jersey History Project

Selected Surveys by Thomas Sharp

Projected Plan of Egg Harbor City – 1857

John Clement’s Maps and Drafts – 7 Volumes plus City Abstracts

The Hartman Survey Maps – 8 large Maps of Parts of Atlantic, Cumberland and Cape May Counties that were prepared by Charles S. Hartman in the mid 20th century based on information going back to the 18th and19th centuries.



Maps, Almanacs, & Gazetteers

New Jersey – New Jersey 1780

New Jersey – New Jersey 1795

New Jersey – New Jersey 1823

Burlington County – Scott’s 1876 Combination Atlas of Burlington County

Salem County – Placenames of Salem County

Medford – Medford Historic Sites

Hessian Maps

Maps at West Jersey History Project

East and West Jersey 1664-1702

John Worlidge 1696(small version)

Large(1.2 mb) version of the John Worlidge 1696 map in orgiginal alignment

Large (1.2mb) version of the John Worlidge map 1696 in vertical alignment

William Faden 1777

George Cook; Geological Survey of New Jersey 1888

A Map of the State of New Jersey With Part of the Adjoining States Compiled under the Patronage of the Legislature of Said State by Thomas Gordon, 1828

Big County Map Page

Maps from J.D. Scott’s Combination Atlas Map of Burlington County NJ – 1876

Maps from D.L. Steward’s Atlas of Cumberland County New Jersey – 1876

Combination Atlas Map of Mercer County NJ – 1875

Everts and Stewart Combination Atlas Map of Salem and Gloucester Counties – 1876

Coaxon Township – Paer of Burlington County – 1844-45

A few Pages from the Woolman and Rose Atlas of the Jersey Shore – 1878ounty Map Page

NJ maps from the Atlas of Philadelphia and environs: G. M. Hopkins 1877

Lake and Beers Map of Philadelphia and Vicinity – 1869

Batsto Landing 177?

Blunt’s 1815 Chart of the Delaware River

Revolutionary War Era Maps





Daily Life Records school work church court government library social life #OnGenealogy

Daily Life Records



Atco Lake And Dam: Its Origins And History David L. Wilcox

Jordantown and Its Cemetery by Paul Schopp

Early Brickmaking in the Colonies by Nat Ewan

A History of Parvin State Park as rewritten by Harold Wegner

A Brief History of Camden by Paul Schopp

Early Settlements in Springfield Township, Burlington County, N.J. by Barclay White (Courtesy of Paul Schopp)




The Quaker Colonies by Sydney G. Fisher

History of Nova Cæsarea by Samuel Smith

Battles and Skirmishes of the Revolutionary War in New Jerseyby David C. Munn

New Jersey Colonial Records: Volume 21 Calendar of Records 1664-1703

Place Names of Salem County N.J. by Josephine Jaquett and Elmer VanName

Notes on Cumberland County Place Namesby Lots of People

History Of The Early Settlement And Progress Of Cumberland County New Jersey; And Of The Currency Of This And The Adjoining Colonies. By Lucius Q. C. Elmer

Watermills of Camden County by William Farr

Moorestown and Her Neighbors> by George DeCou

Placenames in and about Haddonfield by William R. Farr

A Self-Guided Tour of 63 of Medfordπs Historic Sites

Historical Sketch of Cropwell Meeting



Court Records

New England – Record of the Upland Court




New Jersey – Diary of Sarah Thomson’s trip to Tuckerton in 1809

New Jersey – Excerpts from the Letterbooks of Asa Matack






Religion & Religious Life

West Jersey – West Jersey Quaker Meetings









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