Rhode Island is divided into 39 towns and cities with a Town/City Clerk or Manager overseeing government offices. West Warwick was established in 1648 and incorporated in 1913. West Warwick is part of Kent County, Rhode Island.


The West Warwick Town Clerk has online access to multiple databases. Below are West Warwick Public Records links where you can look up property addresses & owners, tax values, maps, and learn about accessing vital records information.


  • West Warwick Tax Assessor – determines the value of all taxable property including real estate, autos, & tangible personal property.







Villages include:

  • Arctic

  • Birch Hill

  • Centerville

  • Clyde

  • Crompton

  • Harris

  • Jericho

  • Lippitt

  • Natick

  • Phenix

  • River Point

  • Wescott


2 responses to “West Warwick RI Town Clerk & Public Records”

  1. Do you have any records of the West Warwick Street Hockey League which was originally started around 1974-75 or so. In that era. I asked because my friends and I started it back in the day and it went defunct after a few years. We were just kids when we came up with the idea because would travel to different parts of West Warwick to play the games. It was myself and two of my friends having the bright idea of tryin to start an actual league . It lasted for about 5 years or so then went defunct. It is something I am still proud of to think of something like that at a very young age and wanted to know if there was a record of it anywhere. There was no internet [ack then.

    Thank you so much for your time and looking into this. It is very much appreciated.


    Jack Miranda

    1. Mr. Miranda,

      Thanks for visiting the OnGenealogy directory. You can direct your inquiry to the West Warwick Town Clerk at srapose@westwarwickri.org

      Best with your research!



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