Wilmington Delaware Genealogy Records is a set of free, searchable records offered online at Lalley.com with 19th Century Immigrant Roots.

The best way to use this site is to use the upper tabs labeled:

  • Baptisms
  • Marriages
  • Deaths
  • Directories
  • Census
  • Passengers
  • Griffiths
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This site is devoted to Irish immigrants to Delaware and includes:

  • “Selected Baptismal, Marriage and Death records for Wilmington, DE from the late-18th century.
  • Selected Census, City Directory and Cemetery records for Wilmington, DE from the early-19th century.
  • Selected Passenger Ship lists for sailings from Ireland to New York & Newcastle DE.
  • Griffith’s Valuation 1855 for 24 civil parishes in County Galway, 5 in County Mayo and 3 in Co. Donegal, Ireland.
  • Census of Ireland 1901 for Killeany, Killursa and Headford District Electoral Divisions, County Galway.
  • Extracts of Civil Birth, Death and Marriage Records for Headford, County Galway, Ireland.”


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