This is a free database of courts martial for World War I in Canada and is provided by the Library and Archives Canada.

“Courts martial are legal bodies convened to determine the guilt or innocence of accused military men and women. Courts martial had the authority to try a wide range of military
offences that resembled civilian crimes like fraud, theft or perjury. Others, like desertion and cowardice were purely military crimes. Military offences are defined in the British Army Act. A panel of officers sat in judgement at a court-martial, while the accused was represented by an officer who may be a military lawyer. Punishment for military offences ranged from fines and imprisonment to execution. Offences, punishment, and instructions on how to run a court martial are explained in the Manual of Military Law, which was distributed to Canadian Expeditionary Force units.”

Searches can be performed by name, regimental number, unit, or offense.


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