This is a list of Wyoming Naturalization records online and Wyoming Citizenship Records online and may include declarations of intent, petitions for naturalization, oaths of allegiance, certificates of citizenship, passports, and more.


These records often provide names and aliases of a person, age, country of birth, ethnic background, date and port of arrival, the name of the ship, previous residences, or current address.


You can look at federal (1870-1920) census records to see if your ancestor was naturalized. See Wyoming Census Records online for census record links and other helpful genealogy resources.



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KEY to collections



US Naturalization records online with Wyoming records

US – United States, New England Petitions for Naturalization Index, 1791-1906, index & images




Wyoming Naturalization records online at the county level

Carbon County – Naturalization – 1882-1890 Carbon County GenWeb Records-see LISTS, WGW

Larramie County – Naturalization – Laramie County, Wyoming Naturalization Records, 1867-1920 ($5.00 at Cheyenne Genealogical & Historical Society)

Lincoln County – Naturalization and Citizenship – Wyoming, Lincoln County, Naturalization Records,

1902-1943, FS

Sheridan County – Immigration & Naturalization – Sheridan County GenWeb Records, WGW

Platte County – Migration, Internal – Names Inscribed on Register Cliff (approx. 6 Miles SE from Guernsey, Wyoming) : Guernsey-Fort Laramie-Torrington Historic Area, at FS

Uinta County – Naturalization and Citizenship – Wyoming, Uinta, Naturalization Records, 1869-1940, FS




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