Wyoming, Reclaim the Records, State Archives Vital Records, 1908-1966 is a searchable name index for vital records from Wyoming obtained by the non-profit organization, Reclaim the Records. These records include:

  • Wyoming Marriage Index: 1980-1966

  • Wyoming Divorce Index: 1941-1952

  • Wyoming Death index: 1939-1952


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What Can I Learn from Vital Records?


These marriage records may include:

    • The names of of the bride and room
    • Place of marriage
    • Date of marriage
    • The name of the officiator


These divorce records may include:

    • The names of the parties involved in the divorce
    • The place where the divorce occurred
    • The date of the divorce


These death records may include:

    • The name of the deceased
    • The place of death
    • The date of death
    • The certificate number
    • The cause of death
    • The age of the person at the time of death


How Can Vital Records Help Me Find Other Records?


With information from these records you may be able to:

  • Search for other vital records, such as birth
  • Search for the death certificate
  • Use the information found in the record to find additional family members in census records
  • Search for death or burial information in BillionGraves Index or at Find A Grave
  • If applicable, search for immigration and naturalization records
  • Search for probate records


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