Your DNA Guide is a DNA tutorial website run by Diahan Southard and offers custom genetic research, video tutorials, DNA quick sheets, and personalized mentoring to help you understand and use your DNA test results.



Your DNA Guide-the book: A Step by Step Guide $49.95

  • each chapter contains step by step instructions for how to solve a DNA puzzle


Expert Research –

The $450 Expert Research Assistance package includes:

  • Up to 4 hours of genetic research
  • Summary of findings with a To Do List
  • 20 minute live online meeting to review results


Quick Guides –

There are currently 10 guides available:

  • YDNA
  • mtDNA
  • Autosomal DNA
  • A Guide To 23andMe – 2nd Edition
  • A Guide To AncestryDNA – 2nd Edition
  • A Guide To Family Tree DNA’s Family Finder – 2nd Edition
  • A Guide To MyHeritage DNA
  • Breaking Down Brick Walls With DNA
  • Organizing Your DNA Matches
  • DNA Third Party Tools

The guides are also available as a digital download bundle.

Mentoring –

20 minute sessions – $60

Bundle of 3 -20 minute sessions – $160

45 minutes online together – $155


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