Your DNA Family is a website and app created by Andreas West with tools for analyzing your DNA test results. Your DNA Family currently accepts test results from Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), AncestryDNA, and 23andMe.


This site is currently in beta testing. The site accepts autosomal DNA test results but may accept Y-DNA and mTDNA results at some future date.

The Your DNA Family app has a free version which permits:

  • triangulation, by following manual mode instructions
  • communication with your DNA cousins in closed, private groups (your email is never revealed)
  • matches, segment data and TG’s neatly organized and always accessible


The Your DNA Family app paid version includes:

  • unlimited accounts across different DNA testing companies
  • matches, segment data and regularly scheduled, automatic imports of new matches & segment data
  • triangulation, just click and triangulation for all DNA tests is performed automatically
  • additional DNA matches using their algorithms
  • ability to use smaller DNA segments for triangulation
  • import family trees via GEDCOM files or FamilySearch
  • automatically see the most recent common ancestor with a match
  • communication with your DNA cousins
  • chromosome mapping
  • surname hints with matches
  • automatic creation of family tree for close DNA family
  • and more



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