The Yukon Archives hosts a free, online website for Yukon genealogy records at Free records searches can be made of the entire Yukon genealogy database or can be filtered by one of three record sets:

  • Yukon Archives Genealogy
  • Specialty (Deaths, professions, etc.)
  • Dawson City Museum Pan for Gold

Within these record sets are the following databases:

Yukon Archives Genealogy & Specialty databases

  • Yukon Residents database 1894-1958
  • Pioneer Cemetery 1900-1965
  • Grey Mountain Cemetery 1960-1976
  • Yukon News Obituary Index 1966-2000
  • Yukon River Basin Deaths and Burials 1887-2007
  • Francophone Yukoners
  • Sourdough Air Display 1971-2006
  • Yukon Barristers Roll 1898-1997


Dawson City Museum Pan for Gold

  • Placer mining applications
  • Postmaster’s list of people traveling in the Klondike
  • Death records
  • Dawson City 1901 census
  • NWMP entry records
  • Various professions, clubs, and churches lists.

“Please contact the Yukon Archives ( for any additional information on Yukon Archives Genealogy research results. If you are looking at the Pan for Gold search results please forward your research request to the Dawson Museum at”


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