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British Yukon Navigation Company Records

YukonAlaska.com hosts free Yukon employment records for the British Yukon Navigation Company for the years 1903-1948. Personnel Records are listed alphabetically by last name and include the applicants date of application. Photocopies of records can be ordered from the Yukon Archives.

“The questions asked are as follows: age (on occasion birth date as well), married or single, birthplace, names and address of parents if living, name, degree and residence of nearest relative if parents are deceased, number of years experience in steamboat service (in a few instances steamboat is replaced by ‘aircraft’ for those applicants seeking employment with White Pass Airways, which like the River Division was an operating agency of the B.Y.N. Co.), ever injured, if so, in whose service and to what extent, in what business and at what place before entering steamboat business, name all the lines by which you have been employed (columns provided for name of company/owner, name of vessel, in what capacity and in what year), if you have been employed by this Company, if so, when and in what capacity, where last employed and reason for leaving, have you been occupied since your last employment terminated, number of your certificate, name and address of who should be notified in case of accident (this question/answer does not appear on all forms).”

“The questions continue on the reverse side: grade of certificate, number and grade of any other certificates that you hold, ‘you are notified that if you or any other employee chooses to violate the requirements of any rule contained in the Book of Rules of the River Division [of the] The British and/or American Yukon Navigation Co., you do so solely at your own risk. The Company expects you… to comply strictly with all its rules and regulations… Do you understand and agree that all violations of the rules of the Company by you or any other employee…, whether habitual or otherwise, are not consented or acquiesced in by the Company’; ‘Do you agree that a monthly assessment shall be deducted from your salary for the purpose of employing a Company Doctor to attend you in case of sickness or injury’.”

“Directly beneath the last question about the ‘Company Doctor’ there is designated space for the applicant’s signature, date and where signed, and the signature of a witness. At the very bottom of the form (printed vertically to facilitate retrieval when the form was folded and filed in dockets) the following information about the applicant is recorded: name, occupation, date of application, date employed, height, form (ie. stout, slight), weight, complexion, colour of hair, colour of eyes, if beard is worn, what colour and in what manner. The above was certified correct by the employer.”



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