Zeeuws Archief is the Zeeland Archives and they have an associated site Zeeuwen Gezocht, for Zeeland Netherlands Online Genealogy Records. All records are free to search and view.

“Zeeuwen Gezocht lets you find listings of more than 8.1 million individual entries of person names in the various sources of the Zeeuws Archief. You type a name and Zeeuwen Gezocht tells you in what resources that name occurs. You can also use other search terms or combinations to try.”

Search by Surname, First Name, Town, Source, Keyword, or Date

“The different sources you can consult with Zeeuwen Gezocht are divided into 42 resource groups. You can use the field Source in the search box to search for a specific source. If you want to search all sources, then you leave this search field blank. …




Beeldbank Description based image database Persons depicted in photographs, prints and drawings in the image bank of the Zeeuws Archief and which can be searched through Zeeuwen Gezocht
Begraafinschrijving Burial registration Cemeteries, death registries DTB (1574-1810) and lists drawn behalf bury the collection of collateral inheritance 1651-1806
Bemanningslid schip Ship crewman Crew members of ships of the Zeeland Admiralty and the Middelburg Commercial Company (slave trade company), 18th Century.
Bidprentje Memoriam card Period 1900-1999
Collateraal subject Collateral subject
Doopinschrijving Baptism registration Church registers of baptism (1574-1810)
Echtscheidingsakte Divorce certificate Divorce certificates in the registers of marriage of the civil registration 1796/1811-1935
Emigrant Emigrant Emigrants from Zeeland municipalities tot North America, South America and South-Africa (1826)1839-1920(1950)
Erkenningsakte Certificate of recognition Certificates of recognition in the registers of birth of the civil registration
Faillissementsdossier File bankruptcy Bankruptcies handled by Zeeland courts 1815-1932
Functionaris Functionary People who have held a position as director, officer or functionary
Geboorteakte Birth certificate Birth certificates of the civil registration 1796/1811-1910/1911
Gedetineerde Detainee Detainees in Zeeland prisons 1812-1923
Huwelijksakte Certificate of marriage Certificates of marriage of the civil registration 1796/1811-1935
Hypotheekschuldenaar Mortgage debtor Offices of the mortgage debtor at Goes and Zierikzee 1811-1838
Inwoner Inhabitant Inhabitants per municipality or region 1796-1899
Kadastraal eigenaar Cadastral owner Cadastral registers 1832
Leerling Pupil/apprentice
Lidmaat Church member Registers of membership Walcheren denominations (1583-1810)
Militair Serviceman Several sources of servicemen 17the-19th century
Octrooiverlening Patent grant Registers of patents States of Zeeland 1582-1797
Overlijdensakte Death certificate Death certificates of the civil registration 1796/1811-1960
Overlijdensbericht Obituary Obituaries published in newspapers, 20th century
Overlijdensinschrijving Death registration Death registrations in various sources
Patiënt Patient Patients of the hospital in Middelburg (lots booklet) 1584-1812
Persoon in bevolkingsregister Person population register Population register of Middelburg (1863)1900-1937
Persoon in genealogie Person in genealogical publication or manuscript
Persoon in notariële akte Person in notarial deed
Persoon in Provinciaal Archief Person in the Provincial Archive Period 1814-1832
Persoon in taxatierapport Person in valuation report Period 1828-1954
Persoon in vonnis Person verdict Judgments in criminal cases in archives of courts 1811-1838
Persoon in weeskamerarchief Person in archive orphan room Before 1796
Persoon Memorie van Successie Person in estate tax returns/death duty Real tax estate/death duties 1795/1817-1927
Predikant Minister Ministers of the Dutch Reformed Church
Rekestrant Rekestrant Submitters of petitions in the District Court of Goes 1838-1877
Toerist Tourist Bathers in Domburg 1883-1921
Transportbelasting Transfers of real property Regional tax on the transportation of property1757-1805
Trouwgeld Tax on intended marriage Regional tax for suitors 1704-1706, 1763-1805
Trouwinschrijving Marriage registration Church registers of marriage (1574-1810)
Uittreksel overlijdensakte Extract of death certificate Excerpts from death certificates of deceased persons elsewhere in the death registers of the civil registration 1796/1811-1960
Vluchteling Refugee Refugees from Belgium during World War I 1914-1918
Werknemer Employee Staff Navy yard Vlissingen (Flushing) 1815-1868

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