ZoomPast is a genealogy company that offers free visualization tools for family trees.


The software creates a one-page visual map of your entire family tree, with you or another designated person at the center of the map, and allows you to “Zoom” into different parts of your tree to find different ancestors and relatives.

ZoomPast software is available online for free to end-users and can be licensed for a fee by companies or organizations.

With ZoomPast, you can build a family tree on their site or upload a GEDCOM file. You can invite others to see your tree and share your work with family and friends.

ZoomPast also allows you to look at the public family trees of prominent citizens, historical figures, as well as fictional characters.

ZoomPast offers tutorial videos online if you need help building a tree or learning how to zoom into the tree and find ancestors.

ZoomPast listed at OnGenealogy


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