This is a continuation of my post, How to Create a Free FamilySearch account.

With your new FamilySearch login, one of the first things you should do is manage your FamilySearch Settings and Preferences. You’re in charge of what others can see and access and who can contact you.


How to change your Password, Contact info, Notifications, or Preferences at FamilySearch.

When you’re logged in at FamilySearch, in the upper right-hand corner, next to your name, you’ll see an arrow. When you select the arrow you’ll have three options: Settings, Source Box, Sign Out

Image of FamilySearch homepage with Account holders name in upper rt hand corner and arrow with options for Settings, Sources, and Sign out



Select Settings to make changes to your account. The Settings Menu includes:

  • Basic Account info you can edit and then save changes you’ve made

    • Username

    • Password

    • Display Name

    • Birthdate

    • Gender

    • Membership Record Number if you’re LDS

    • Helper Number – If you have problems with your account and call the help desk, they may ask for your helper number to resolve issues with your account.

Image of FamilySearch Settings Window with account settings options and text overlay pointing to menu items Account, Contact, Notifications, Preferences, Connected Accounts


  • Contact

    • Your contact name (Name by which other FamilySearch users will see you)

    • Your email address if you provided one

    • Your phone number if you provided one

    • Your address if you provided one

    • Country

Image of FamilySearch Settings window for contact information

  • Notifications

    • Your preferred email address

    • Your preferred language

    • Checkboxes for all types of updates, emails, text messages you’d like to receive, you can opt out of all

Image of FamilySearch Settings window for Notifications

  • Preferences

    • Show LDS Temple Information, this is for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to see if temple work has been done for an ancestor

    • Select the Starting person for your Family Tree; I chose myself. I could choose a child or a parent, and my tree will start from that person.

Image of FamilySearch window for Preferences

  • Connected Accounts

    • this shows every business, app, etc. that you have granted authorization to access your account, you can revoke access at any time

Image of FamilySearch window for authorizing access to your account


  • Select My Source Box to view a log of any sources you’ve added to your family tree. Anytime you attach records from FamilySearch to your family tree, this is recorded in the Source Box attached to your name. You can edit these additions here.

Image of FamilySearch window for Sources youve added to Family tree



  • Select Sign Out when you’re finished at this website. You can tell FamilySearch to remember your login information or to keep you logged in for up to two weeks. If you’re using a public computer they ask that you always Sign Out before leaving the public station.


How to Get Help at FamilySearch


  • Above your username there’s an arrow to select if you need to “Get Help” or you can email FamilySearch provides online help 24/7. They may ask for your “Helper Number.”




The Helper Number, as mentioned above, is in the Settings section. You’ll select the arrow next to your name, select Settings, select Account, then scroll down to the Helper Number and provide this information.

Image of FamilySearch Settings menu and where to find your Helper number when asking for online help


With your new FamilySearch login and account, be sure to set your preferences and enjoy free rein as you explore all the menus and resources available to you. Best in your research!

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    1. Elizabeth,

      I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question. You can manage your settings with the drop down menu selected by clicking on your username (when you’re logged in).

      Then you can change settings for your Account, Notificiations, and Permissions. In the Permissions area, there is a Helper number which is a unique number for your account. You can call FamilySearch at 1-866-406-1830 and ask for help with your account and they may need you to give them this Helper number.

      Hope that answers your question,



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