Today is the start of #MuseumWeek 2017, celebrating exhibits from institutions worldwide. This year’s #MuseumWeek will honor “Women and Culture” and they’d love any published content that reflects this theme to include the hashtag #WomenMW.

The week 19-25 June is broken down into daily hashtags:

  • #FoodMW – share any objects or collections related to food, cooking, still-lifes, etc

  • #SportsMW – share anything related to sports and games

  • #MusicMW – June 21st is #MusicDay2017 – share favorite musicians, songs, instruments

  • #StoriesMW – share stories about any collections, including those related to women

  • #BooksMW – share favorite books in your collections, any from Museums? any authored by women?

  • #TravelsMW – share travel related collections

  • #Heritage MW – share collections that sustain and preserve families, communities, and nations

So in honor of #MuseumWeek 2017, #WomenMW, and #FoodMW, here are a couple favorite food related objects I’ve inherited from women.


#MuseumWeek #FoodMW #WomenMW



A display case of a great-grandmother’s silverware. A granddaughter divided all the silverware and gave framed pieces to each grandchild and great-grandchild at a family reunion along with a written tribute to the woman who kept her family together with homemade family meals 











#MuseumWeek 2017 #WomenMW #FoodMW




A spice cabinet I inherited from my mother, with a list of herbs and spices on the front panel of the cabinet and how to use them in dishes 











#MuseumWeek #WomenMW #FoodMW





and on the inside panel, a description of individual herbs & spices and dishes with which they’re compatible. 













Have fun following #MuseumWeek on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social media sites. Just type the hashtag #MuseumWeek into a site’s search window and enjoy what others are sharing!

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