MyHeritage DNA Thanksgiving sale



Now through November 23rd, MyHeritage DNA is having a Thanksgiving Sale on their DNA kits.

Kits are 40% off–$59 instead of $99–and if you buy 3 or more kits, shipping is free!

These would be a great gift for family members. We wish we’d thought to test our older family members before they died.

I’ve taken a MyHeritage DNA test and included with the test is:

  • two swabs vs. spit, you swab inside your mouth and place the swabs in vials to be tested vs. spitting into a container (my apologies if this is TMI but filling up a vial with spit might set off your gag reflex)

  • an ethnicity estimate, broken down into as many as 42 ethnicity groups, with links to share to social media or print for your records (I was surprised to have an estimate that included Finnish ethnicity)

  • DNA Matches from MyHeritage – these show the percentage of shared DNA, shared segments, largest segment, and estimated relationship to that person (I have 189 to review, but haven’t done that yet. Because I have a tree at MyHeritage some matches also show common surnames with my matches.)

  • the ability to transfer your kit results to MyHeritage partner, Family Tree DNA, for further analysis and matching with their database (it takes 24 hours for your results to be uploaded-I just did this so I’ll update with any exciting results)

  • if you transfer to Family Tree DNA you can download a free ebook (51 pages by the geneticist, Blaine Bettinger) called, Intrepret Your Results

Disclosure: I am not a MyHeritage affiliate but my husband works for MyHeritage. I’m blogging about the DNA tests because this is a GREAT price,  I was happy with mine, and I wish I’d had the foresight to test some family members before it was “too late.” My mother-in-law now gives these as birthday gifts to her children. We’re all hooked!





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