I’m going to be radio-silent for the next few weeks because I have several pressing Fall projects outside of work and family obligations. These are probably in reverse order of importance, but here goes.


First, the grapes are overdue to be picked and juiced. I’ve processed 50 quarts and have at least that many more to pick and juice. The rest of the garden, mercifully, has been harvested.

Second, my brain finally reached input-overload and I can no longer juggle and remember all my accounts and passwords, my family members’ accounts and passwords, and generally feel like I’m on top of things. I’m geeking-out and making a Home Operations Manual with Phone numbers, Bills & Accounts, the Family Budget, a Home Inventory, a Food Inventory, a Family History Inventory, and a section for Operations Manuals for every task necessary to run this home. 

Third, my family is coming for Thanksgiving in less than three weeks so I need to be prepping for a big family gathering and meal and all that entails.

Fourth, I’ve got to finish scanning all the family history materials because my family will be dividing them up at Thanksgiving and this is my last chance to get a copy of everything/anything.


Fall Projects


I can’t believe I’ve finally become that person, but here’s my front room, the first place any guest sees, where I’m staging all the Family History materials that will be divided. Two-thirds of this has been scanned but I’m under a tight deadline to finish the rest. I can’t complain because this was a self-imposed deadline. I invited everyone to come for Thanksgiving dinner and go through the family papers and decide what they each want to keep. They’ll get a copy of everything I scanned as well, but some want the originals. I figured if I put it all in the living room I’d be shamed into finishing the project. We shall see.

Sorting Family History materials



Digitizing the family history materials is the most important task, but it’s coming at a time when my brain stopped being able to remember everything so the Home Operations manual is important too. I don’t know how others organize all their accounts and passwords, etc, but once I get my organization done I’ll share what worked for me. The grapes will rot on the vine if I don’t finish picking and juicing them. That’s an outcome I can live with but isn’t ideal. And Thanksgiving dinner will happen whether or not I’m prepared for it. My family is laid-back and there are twice as many children as adults so it’s really just disaster management. I’ll break a plate in advance to prep myself.

Best with your fall projects, family history work, and family gatherings!
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