At #RootsTech or #NotAtRootsTech – One Tip You Need

So I've hesitated to share this tip in an official post because I thought it was just a bug in the RootsTech system. But I tweeted about it last year and the RootsTech Twitter account "liked" my tweet and now we're at year two, and the more I explore I see multiple options for this same amazing freebie, and I'm thinking, they must know it's available and they're just not marketing it as a freebie. So I'm going to go ahead and share the tip. [su_heading size="18"] The One Tip You Need  [/su_heading] Wait for it... Wait for it... Drumroll... Whether you're registered to attend RootsTech or not, you can download all the handouts for free. I hope you think that's as big a deal as I do. I haven't seen this with any other genealogical convention--and I've tried.       [su_heading size="18"] Bonus Tip [/su_heading] You don't have to have a smartphone to access the handouts. You can download the app for iPhone or Android OR You can use this…
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