Are We Cousins? How to determine your degree of cousinship with a DNA Match

There are tons of relationship charts floating around the web and they each serve a useful purpose... but ISOGG, the International Society of Genetic Genealogy, has a simple formula for understanding and naming your fundamental relationship to another person. This isn't intended for direct line relationships, Parent-Child, Grandparent-Grandchild or even some collateral line relationships such as Aunt-Niece, Uncle-Great Nephew, etc. It works, but those relationships are already nicely named.* This formula is for all types of collateral line cousins; DNA matches you don't quite know how to name. You may need to draw a family tree to diagram your relationship with another person. With that in hand, the ISOGG Wiki formula will tell you your degree of cousinship. A family tree diagram showing my relationship to a recent DNA match. We're both related to my great-great-grandfather. He's my great-grandmother's sister's son.  ISOGG's formula for How to Determine Your Degree of Cousi…
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