#FamilyHistoryMonth – On Day 7 Discover IntoThePast

IntoThePast is a site in development that was introduced at RootsTech 2017 (the largest genealogy and family history convention in the world). IntoThePast will specialize in hosting European records, primarily archival handwritten records, that have been digitized and made searchable with their proprietary Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) technology, SearchInk.                 "IntoThePast.com is an online meta-search engine that allows users to search for parish records with a focus on European records. IntoThePast.com is powered by the SearchInk Handwritten Text Recognition technology." IntoThePast will be the website where archival materials are hosted and presented to the public for searching. SearchInk is the technology that converts handwritten text to searchable content. ARQI is the company that negotiates with archives to digitize their materials. And Qidenus Technologies is the parent company th…
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