The Archives of Poland and where to find Online Genealogy Records for Poland

The tables below show the Archives of Poland and where to find Online Genealogy Records for Poland with collections originating from each archive. Be sure to look at the archive itself because many of the archives host their own unique collections in addition to records they permit others to host. This was such a large table I had to post pdfs of the table here, but this link will take you to the spreadsheet itself and all the archives link to their official website and each secondary record provider links to that site through the column title or a checkmark in the column beneath the title. Understanding the Table Columns The first column lists the National Archives of Poland, then the state archives of Poland in alphabetical order with their related branch archive(s). The second column lists the territorial scope of each archive by provinces covered. The remaining columns identify places, other than the archive itself, where you can find images, indexe…
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Poland Archives and Free Polish Genealogy Records Online – Chart

Here's a chart listing Polish archives, provinces or voivodeships (Polish: województwo), and free, online Polish genealogy records in each locale. The chart has five columns: Polish Archives Polish provinces where each archive has any territorial coverage a ✓ if provides free image scans online in that area* a ✓ if GenBaza provides free image scans online in that area* a ✓ if Geneteka (the Polish Genealogical Society) provides free indexes online in that area* This National Archives site has a general inventory of holdings at each archive and branch (copy and paste to for translation helps) This is a map from the National Archives of Poland showing the territorial scope of each state archive (by shaded colors) with the provinces outlined in red.       This is a map with each Province/Voivodeship (Polish: województwo) in Poland. As you use the table below, if you'…
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Barbour Collection Comparison Chart – Fee or Free Options by Town

Here's a comparison chart to go with my blog, Fee or Free options for the Barbour Collection (Connecticut Vital Records). The first two columns are contact information for requesting vital records from local town clerks and the last three columns are online Connecticut vital records options. Best in your searches! Town/City Clerk Telephone Free Barbour Collection BMDs Barbour Collection BMDs American Ancestors - Fee Barbour Collection BMDs Ancestry - Fee Fee Andover Town Clerk 17 School Street Andover, CT 06232 860-742-0188 Andover BMD 1848-1851 Andover BMD 1848-1879 Ansonia City Clerk 253 Main Street Ansonia, CT 06401 203-736-5980 Ashford Town Clerk 5 Town Hall Road Ashford, CT 06278 860-487-4401 Ashford BMD Ashford BMD 1710-1851 Ashford BMD 1710-1851 Avon Town Clerk 60 West Main Street Avon, CT 06001 860-409-4311 Avon BMD Avon BMD 1830-1851 Avon BMD 1830-1851 Barkhamsted Town Clerk 67 Ripley Hill Road Barkhamsted, CT 06063-3340 860-379-8665 Barkhamsted BMD Ba…
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