DNA Day Sales and some DNA Test Comparisons

DNA Day is one week away!   April 25th is DNA Day and companies usually offer sales on DNA test kits.   UPDATED: As of April 20th, all these sites are offering sales on their DNA tests (listed in order of sale announcement): MyHeritageDNA LivingDNA 23andMe Ancestry.com FamilyTreeDNA     Here are my very biased DNA test comparisons with what I like and dislike about each test. Visit the ISOGG Wiki for less biased information.         MyHeritageDNA   Autosomal Test Sale price: $69 + shipping (at their site) Sale price: $68 at Amazon.com and free shipping with Amazon prime List price: $99 My Bias: My husband currently works for them. I prefer cheek swab tests to saliva tests. I have a free tree & records at their site because I'm LDS. They have a great business relationship with FTDNA, whom I respect a ton. I know what their upcoming products offer (see last pa…
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