Family History Month Day 31 – Use Elephind for Genealogy

  On Day 31 of Family History Month, use Elephind for genealogy research. Elephind is a free, historical newspaper site that is able to search across more than 3,000 newspaper titles at 25 institutions. The website has a very clean design and is easy to use.         Elephind includes titles from Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, and the United States. They have a specific list of titles from each country on their site. As well as institutions they are able to search (in the image below).     Elephind has some standard search features you'll want to use including: using the OR search operator if multiple words don't need to be in the same search result using the - search operator to exclude a word Madison -James would return mentions of "Madison" but not mentions of "James Madison" this is helpful if you're searching for an ancestor, James Wells, and see tons of articles with someone of the same …
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