French Archives

  French Archives Online   The French Archives are available online and their collections (fonds) are being digitized rapidly so if you check back from month to month you will see new collections online. The Archives of France linked to below are Departmental Archives. The country of France is divided into administrative regions called Departments and these are numbered in alphabetical order. Each French Department has an archive with genealogy records.     [su_heading size="20"]What If I Don't Speak French? [/su_heading]  If you use Google Chrome as your internet browser, it will automatically translate most of these sites to your default search language and you'll have the option to see the original language, French, if you choose. Additionally, some websites give you the option to translate to another language. Here's a free French Genealogical Wordlist from FamilySearch. Here's an amazing French Glossary of Terms from the Departmental A…
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