Family Tree Photos

I really loved this article: Among Koreans, Giving Death Your Best Face by Rena Silverman, about the Korean tradition of having a nice portrait photograph taken as part of the normal funeral preparations we all make. My husband has very strong feelings about remembering people in their prime, especially when it comes to family tree photos.  We don't concern ourselves with community family tree lineage arguments, but my husband WILL fight for control of the photos that are displayed. He feels strongly that a person should be remembered as they would likely think of themselves-in their prime. His dad passed a few years ago and he hates seeing a "grandfatherly" photo appear on the tree. We swapped it for one of his father's college photos. You go back two or three generations and you probably have no choice but to use a photo of someone in their later years-their age at the advent of good photography and the means to have nice photos taken. Not anymore. Never has a genera…
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Free family tree art at

If you have a family tree at, check out the free family tree art downloads/printables they've created.     Just select the family tree art of your choice, FamilySearch automatically pre-fills the tree, and you can print at home or download and print at a copy shop.     I usually don't create family tree art, books, etc, because I feel like my tree needs to be edited and if I'm investing money in a finished product I will be furious if I see any errors. Uh, at almost zero cost and effort, this is no longer an issue. And these trees have four generations at most, which, let's face it, is easy to clean up. Darling and frameable family trees with zero effort. Easter gifts, anyone?   Here's a pinnable image to save for future reference.
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