Directory for Free Public Records Searches at County Levels in the US

  This is a simple way to find free, online, county property records and other county record sets in the US (counties vary in what digitized records are available online). I'll be working on a family member's estate for the next few months and have needed to find out if property taxes for past years have been paid.   The Old Way I usually just google the county I need, "official website durham county north carolina" for example, go to the official county website, fiddle around for 5 minutes until I find the county assessor/etc link, and search from there.   The New Way This site simplifies the process:   At (Nationwide Environmental Title Research, LLC) you select the state by clicking on the map or the state name link below the map, then, You'll be shown a list of all counties with online websites You'll select the county you want You'll be shown a list of direct links to…
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