Pioneer Trek 2018

We're back from our Pioneer Trek 2018 and it was a blast!   If you're planning a Pioneer Handcart Trek, here are some brief thoughts on how to have a successful Trek experience.     Wear Pioneer clothing It's a pain to make or purchase, but it's worth it. Anything that helps pull you away from modern life makes the experience better. You may not love your clothing, but seeing everyone else in period-costume transports you back in time. The other group we trekked with brought young children and purchased or made pioneer clothing for their kids. Be practical when you dress. Hiking in a long skirt, especially uphill, is difficult. I had to roll my waistband to shorten my skirt or I'd have tripped going uphill/downhill with a loaded handcart. I should have sewn a shorter skirt, even though I prefer the look of the longer skirts. Second-hand stores usually sell cheap khaki slacks, cheap long-sleeved button down shirts, etc, all of which can be …
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