Poland Archives and Free Polish Genealogy Records Online – Chart

Here's a chart listing Polish archives, provinces or voivodeships (Polish: województwo), and free, online Polish genealogy records in each locale. The chart has five columns: Polish Archives Polish provinces where each archive has any territorial coverage a ✓ if Szukakawarchiwach.pl provides free image scans online in that area* a ✓ if GenBaza provides free image scans online in that area* a ✓ if Geneteka (the Polish Genealogical Society) provides free indexes online in that area* This National Archives site has a general inventory of holdings at each archive and branch (copy and paste to translate.google.com for translation helps) This is a map from the National Archives of Poland showing the territorial scope of each state archive (by shaded colors) with the provinces outlined in red.       This is a map with each Province/Voivodeship (Polish: województwo) in Poland. As you use the table below, if you'…
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Free Ancestry Record Collections Online

Another idea for #FamilyHistoryMonth is to check out the free Ancestry record collections online.     There are hundreds of free record collections available at Ancestry.com for those without a subscription membership. They're listed in alphabetical order and you'll need to use the right column scroll feature to see all available collections. Some of these record collections are indexes and some include an index and images. "Index only" collections are labeled "Free Index". You may need to create a free account after using the free databases but this account will be free, limited, and not require a trial-membership to continue looking at the free records. Don't submit credit card information or you'll be signing up for a free trial that will auto-renew. And if while searching, you're asked for a credit card number, you're trying to search a subscription-only collection. Happy Hunting! #FamilyHistoryMonth
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