Fee or Free online 1901 Ireland Census, 1911 Ireland Census, and Griffith’s Valuation

This updates and improves the Fee or Free 1911 Ireland Census post because there's a great free option for finding the 1911 Ireland Census as well as the 1901 Ireland Census and Griffith's Valuation.   Griffiths Valuation? Everyone loves census records but here's a quick 'why do I care' explanation of Griffith's Valuation (GV). Griffith's Valuation is a census substitute for the 1800s Ireland census records. Griffith's Valuation is a property tax survey done by Sir Richard Griffith detailing all taxable property and agriculture in Ireland in the mid-1800s. Ireland suffered huge record losses in 1922 when The Public Record Office was destroyed. The 1821, 1831, 1841, and 1851 censuses were destroyed* in the fire. The 1861, 1871, 1881, and 1891 censuses had already been destroyed by government order. So Griffith's Valuation is the best census substitute for the mid-1800s in Ireland. "It covers over a million dwellings, and nearly 20 million acres, recording around 80% …
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Fee or Free 1911 Ireland Census

The 1911 Census is the most recent Ireland Census available online. The Irish censuses are tricky to search because many people spoke Gaelic and their answers may have been written in Old Gaelic, then transcribed into modern Gaelic but not translated into English, so you'll need to explore all possible search options. (Each site will have tips and tricks for searching the 1911 Ireland Census including using wildcards (*). Be sure to exhaust all your search options.)   Fee 1911 Ireland Census FindMyPast.com "Find ancestors from all over Ireland in the most recently available complete census for the country. A great place to begin your search, the 1911 Census can show you where your Irish ancestor lived, the members of their immediate family, their ages, occupations and whether they could read and write. For the first time you can search for more than one family member at the same time and by year of birth, and our powerful search can also look for name variants. Start…
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