Free Genealogy on Facebook

Facebook is a great free resource for genealogy and family history and new groups and pages are created daily so I've updated the blog with the most current lists of Facebook Groups and Pages. Here are three genealogists who've created Facebook group lists: Katherine R. Willson has created the largest comprehensive list of Facebook groups and pages for Genealogy Facebook Groups worldwide Gail Dever has a Facebook for Canadian Genealogy list covering all of Canada Alona Tester has a list of Facebook groups and pages for Australia and New Zealand And please follow OnGenealogy on Facebook by hitting "Like" for the OnGenealogy Facebook page and share any of your leads in the comments!
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Top Free Genealogy Message Boards

Genealogy Message Boards and Forums are a fun way to connect with other researchers or jump-start your family history research when you’ve hit a bump in the road. It’s encouraging to chat with others who are working on similar lines. And with the advantages of Social Media you have more options than ever! Top Free Genealogy Message Boards include:       RootsWeb and the Message Boards at Ancestry RootsWeb and the Message boards at are the same thing. This is a free family history message board. RootsWeb was purchased by and Ancestry has kept it as a free offering and they have merged the message boards. You can search by Locale, Surname, Topic, or Keyword. They boast 25 million posts over 198,000 boards so there’s a lot of content.     GenForum GenForum is a free genealogy message board. It was started by which was acquired by and is kept as a separate message board/forum from RootsWeb. It boasts “14,000 on…
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