Family History Month Day 18 – General Land Office Records (GLO)

On Day 18 of Family History Month, visit the US Bureau of Land Management General Land Office Records (GLO) and track where your ancestors lived. Where they lived and why they lived there is a good part of your heritage. The Bureau of Land Management has digitized records of land grants, survey plats, field notes, land status records, and more. For a more thorough description of the collections available at the BLM, visit this page listing each collection.   Federal Land Patents Here are two examples of land patent records at the Bureau of Land Management. Land patents show the transfer of land from the Federal government to individuals. The first is a land grant for Homestead property, land granted to someone when they met the requirements of the 1862 Homestead Act. Here is another example of a land grant near Montgomery, Alabama at the BLM site:   Survey plats This is a survey of the same piece of land near Montgomery, Alabama. …
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