7 Census Research Tips for Better Searches

I've been scanning documents a cousin sent me and found some 11x17 copies of census records there was no way I was going to scan. This should all be online so I went to my computer to make sure this census record was attached to my online family trees at Ancestry, MyHeritage, and FamilySearch. So, I'm staring at a paper copy of the 1910 census record and type in my ancestor's name exactly as it appears in the census. That's usually the hold up when I can't find someone in a census: their name has been indexed incorrectly, they're going by a different name, etc. In this case he's adopted a nickname for his given name so I type in "Harry Webber," his birthdate, his birthplace (it was Wales, the enumerator has England, I typed England) I left out his wife's name because I've seen it indexed as both Eve and Eva and didn't want that to mess up my search. I submitted my search and he's nowhere to be found. I'm not accustomed to looking at more than the first page of search results s…
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