Make Free Printable Family Trees at

 #FamilyHistoryMonth You can create free printable family trees at   With your free FamilySearch account OR by downloading and importing a GEDCOM file* from any family tree site or with any family tree software, you can create free, printable family trees. (I edited mine to remove the first few generations but you get the idea.) has several options for printable trees including colored fan charts, black and white fan charts, name clouds, and more.   If you have a FamilySearch account (free) you can login with your FamilySearch login and TreeSeek will pull data from your FamilySearch account.   If you don't have a FamilySearch account you can opt to have TreeSeek import your GEDCOM file by selecting "Try Now" at the "We now support creating charts with a GEDCOM file" prompt.* After TreeSeek has made your tree you can download it to your computer or thumb drive/USB drive and print it. The trees are beautiful to display b…
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