#FamilyHistoryMonth – On Day 6 try Storyboard That

On Day 6 of #FamilyHistoryMonth try the free version of Storyboard That, a site that allows you to create storyboards and comic strips online. This would be a fun way to illustrate or tell a personal history. I'm using it to create comic strip versions of my children's daily lives. My kids aren't inclined to journal so I have them draw at least one picture a week of something funny or embarrassing that happened. Now I can take their drawings and put them into digital comic strips that we can enjoy forever. Here's one I made from my own daily life: I asked my son to get rid of the garbage in his room so he threw out items that were sentimental to me. Panel 1: "Your room is a wreck. Here are some garbage bags. Throw away anything you don't care about." Panel 2: Two hours later. "I'm done." Panel 3: Thrown away: his baby book, all K-6 artwork, anything sentimental. "Storyboard That's award-winning, browser based Storyboard Creator is the perfect tool to create stor…
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