If you’re using a website from another country and need to translate information, here are three options.

First option – Translating Websites

First, when you visit a website that isn’t in English (or your native language), look for a Translate this page button. The Translate this page button is usually in the top-right side of the menu bar OR a pop-up window on the website. Many websites automatically offer this translation feature.

If you don’t find a translation feature built into the website, you can use Google Translate. Open Google Translate (type: translate.google.com in your URL window) and select the Websites button option.

Then type a website URL into the window and hit the blue arrow button (see below) and you will get a translated version of that website.

Second option – Translating Text

If you have specific text on the site you need to translate you can use Google Translate Text for that specific text.

Open Google Translate (type: translate.google.com in your URL window) and select the Text button. Copy (Ctrl+C on Windows OR Command+C on Mac) and paste (Ctrl+V on Windows OR Command+V on Mac) the text into the Google Translate Text window.

In the left window you can let Google Detect language or specify what language the pasted text is and then in the right window you can select the language you want the text translated into. In the Translation window you’ll be able to read the translated text.

Third option – Translating Documents or PDFs

If the website has additional information in downloadable documents, like PDFs, you can use Google Translate Documents. Download the document to your computer (remember where you saved it and what it is named), and then you can open Google Translate Documents (type translate.google.com into your URL window and select the Documents option). Now you will either drag and drop a file into the Drag and drop window OR you can select Browse your files and select the downloaded pdf. Google will provide you with a translated version of the PDF.

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