If you use Google Chrome as your internet browser/search engine, they have a couple of helpful features in the URL window.

Here’s an example URL in a Google Chrome search window:

Google Chrome URL window helps

In the image above, you can click on the URL window (if you’re using Google Chrome for your browser) and a QR code appears in the URL window. Click the QR code icon and a larger QR code appears. You can use the QR scanner app on your phone to scan the code and it will open this URL/website on your phone.

This is a simple help to let you open a desktop website on your phone. So if you’re working on a desktop computer but want to send the link to your phone, you’ll use this QR code in the URL window. You will need to have a QR code scanner app on your phone. Go to your phone’s App Store and download a free QR code scanner.

Some URLs also have the zoom feature, a magnifying glass with + inside it. If you click this icon you can choose how large you’d like the text to be on the website you’re visiting.

QR code scanner in Google Chrome url window, also a zoom feature in Google Chrome url window or address bar

Visit the Google Chrome site for more great features for their browser (translate in the URL window & more).

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