With a MyHeritage subscription and your online tree, you can create free charts and books to download and print or bind on your own.

For a Book of Remembrance, I would print the Family Book. MyHeritage created a 6,000 page PDF for my FamilyBook. I love having all the names and sources backed up on my computer but this is too many pages for a printed Book of Remembrance.

For the printed version of my Family Book, I’ll upload the PDF into Google Drive, by dragging and dropping the PDF file from my computer into my Google Drive. Then I’ll right-click and select Open With and select Google Docs. Now I can Edit my book. When I finish making all my edits, adding any maps from MyHeritage or other charts I choose, I’ll select File, then select Download, and then select PDF. Now I’ll have a smaller PDF file of the final Family Book from MyHeritage and I can either print this at home or take it on an external drive to a professional printer.

Here are some of my favorite MyHeritage charts to include in a Family Book or Book of Remembrance.

The Fan Chart of Ancestors:

The Sun Chart of Ancestors:

The Vertical Ancestors Chart:

They also offer Descendants charts which would be fun for a grandparent with children and grandchildren, and they have many other style offerings for each chart.

After you’ve created a chart at MyHeritage you can find it in the My charts tab right beneath the Charts & books heading.

This is a simple way to produce a Family Book with your ancestry that you can have printed and display in your home.

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