So we threw caution to the wind and updated the OnGenealogy site and it has a new search system. The site is still in development but will remain online and searchable, quirks and all.

A couple of tips for the new search system:

      • If you want to search by location, you MUST use the “Find” and “Near” search windows at the top of the site. (If you don’t care about location, you can just “Browse Listings” or go to the “Genealogy Resources” and select any category.)


    • The location search requires you to use something from the autocomplete suggestions, so if you want to find birth records in New York, in the “Find” window you’ll type “birth” and in the “Near” window you’ll start typing  “New ” and it will suggest


    • If you want “New York” then you’ll keep typing till you complete the phrase “New York” and you’ll look for the autocomplete suggestion you want, which will be “New York USA.” You can arrow down with your keyboard or use your mouse to select the right option:


    • If a search gives you “0” results, try the “Refine Results” menu on the right sidebar and increase the search radius (without changing your search query). Try changing it to “100” miles. Now you’ll see 10 results, but these will include New York AND Vermont. 


      • If you only want to see New York results, add “New York” to the “Find” search window, right after “birth” and you will see 5 results, all from New York 


Anyway, adjusting to the Search System has been my biggest hurdle, but I think the site change is an improvement and the site will continue to evolve, hopefully for the better! And again, thank you for your patience.

P.S. The blog now has a search window as well. This is a blog post and on the right sidebar, there’s a “Search” window.  That search window is for searching blog posts. It does not search listed Genealogy Resources. You can search Genealogy Resources from any page on this site, using the top menu bar “Find” and/or “Near” windows.

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