Minna Sundberg's Visual Language Tree for sale: http://hivemill.com/products/stand-still-stay-silent-language-family-tree-poster?variant=6049287811

Minna Sundberg’s Visual Language Tree for sale here: http://hivemill.com/products/stand-still-stay-silent-language-family-tree-poster?variant=6049287811

Minna Sundberg’s visual language tree mapping relationships between the Indo-European and Uralic languages. At this link you can follow her comic, Stand Still, Stay Silent. She created the language tree illustration to explain how her characters manage to understand each other. Read a great article about her work here: The Guardian. My son is in a Portuguese immersion program (his 4th year, he started in 1st grade) and he loves to read signs in Spanish and translate them or hear Italian and get the gist of what’s being said. And my uncle speaks Spanish, Catalan, Russian, and French and it’s fun to see the relation and their origins.


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