What is OnGenealogy and How do I use the directory?

OnGenealogy is a directory of genealogy websites. We do NOT host original record collections at OnGenealogy. If you have a genealogy business, please see How Do I Create a Listing at OnGenealogy?

To search the directory, you can either use the pull down menu and find a record type in Genealogy Resources, find topics that interest us at the Blog, find state public record resources at US Public Record Searches, or find genealogy records for a given locale in Countries, States, or Cities (select the down arrow next to the Country menu to access all countries–same for the States and Cities menus).

You can also use the Search window on the home page and type in a record type and location to see if we’ve listed any collections in the areas your are researching.

To select a link to any collection, you will need to left click with your mouse. The site is currently right-click disabled.