Karen Mitchell Websites include Huerfano County CO birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, military records, school records; Custer County CO obituaries, cemeteries, and more; Conejos County CO birth records, death records, and more; Las Animas County CO death records and more; Pueblo County CO birth records, death records, and more; and Taos County, New Mexico obituaries, wills, and more. 




Conejos County Birth Records 

Huerfano County Baptism Records

Huerfano County Birth Records

Pueblo County Birth Records

Taos County NM Birth Records



Huerfano County Marriage Records

Huerfano County Divorce Records

Las Animas County Marriage Records

Pueblo County Marriage Records

Taos County NM Marriage Records



Conejos County Death Records 

Las Animas County Death Records

Huerfano County Death Records

Pueblo County Death Records

Taos County NM Death Records



Conejos County Cemetery Records

Custer County Cemetery Records

Huerfano County Cemetery Records



Custer County Obituaries

Huerfano County Obituaries



Huerfano County Census Records

Las Animas County 1870 Census Records

Pueblo County Census Records

Taos County NM Census Records



Huerfano County Church Records

Pueblo County Church Records



Colorado Maps

Conejos County Land Grants 

Huerfano County Land Records

Huerfano County Maps

Pueblo County Maps

Taos County NM Land Records


Huerfano County Naturalization Records



Huerfano County 1873 Tax Records

Huerfano County Inheritance Tax Records 1910-1946



Pueblo County Voter Records



Pueblo County Probate Records

Taos County NM Wills



Las Animas County Pension Records



Las Animas County Military Records

Pueblo County Military Records

Taos County NM Military Records



Las Animas County Biographies

Pueblo County Biographies



Pueblo County Court Records



Custer County Disasters

Las Animas County Disasters

Pueblo County Disasters



Las Animas County Employment Records

Huerfano County Employment Records

Huerfano County Business Records Coal Mines

Pueblo County Employment Records

Taos County NM Employment Records



Huerfano County Genealogies & Family Sites



Conejos County History 

Custer County History

Huerfano County History

Las Animas County History

Pueblo County History

Taos County NM History



Huerfano County Poor Records



Colorado State Penitentiary Records



Huerfano County Oral Histories



Taos County NM Passport Records 1828-1836



Pueblo County News



Pueblo County Photos

Taos County NM Photos


Las Animas County School Records

Huerfano County School Records

Pueblo County School Records

Taos County NM School Records







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