New Hampshire Funeral Home Records online may include funeral home or mortuary records, funeral programs, burial insurance records and more. These records contain information related to death and burial such as:


  • name of the deceased

  • death certificate

  • death date and place

  • burial date and place

  • birth date and place

  • copy of the obituary

  • name of informant (often a relative)

  • residence of deceased

  • list of surviving relatives

  • residences of relatives

  • funeral program including speakers and pall bearers

  • biographical information for the deceased

  • burial insurance


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New Hampshire Funeral Home Records online at the federal level

US – Mortuary Records – United States, Panama Canal Zone, Index to the Gorgas Hospital Mortuary Registers, 1906-1991, index, at FS




New Hampshire Funeral Home Records online at the city level

Bartlett – Church Records – Copy of Record of Persons Baptized, Marriages Solemnized, and Funerals Attended by the Late Isaac Lord, Jr., of the Maine Conference Methodist Episcopal Church from 1827 to 1884; Also Data Regarding the Lord and Curtis Families [1778-1924], at FS

Manchester – Funeral Homes – Miscellaneous Funeral Records, 1890-1952, Phaneuf Funeral Homes (Manchester, New Hampshire), at FS

New Durham – Church Records – Marriage and Funeral Records of Rev. David Leighton Edgerly, New Durham, New Hampshire, 1818-1891 at FS

Peterborough – Church Records – Reverend Elijah Dunbar Jr.’s Diary, 1799-1843 : a Copy of the Manuscript Diary of the Reverend Elijah Dunbar Jr., from His Settlement As Preacher in the Town of Peterborough, New Hampshire in 1799, Until 1842, Containing the Marriages, Births, Christenings, and Funerals in the Town, and Various Matters in the History of the Church and Town, at FS



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